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Proper Competition

With three separate tiers, The Rumble prides itself on pairing you proper competition as well as help you avoid playing teams that you face in the regular season.

On Schedule Games

Every coach stresses to their players, being on time is important. We hold ourselves to that same standard and pride ourselves on keeping true to the schedule.

Proper Evaluations

Whether you participate in the tournament division or the primer division, player evaluations are important. We provide a world-class setting for you to achieve just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Rumble?

The Rumble is a youth football pre-season event that will assist current teams with player evaluations, providing coaching clinics, as well as parent workshops.

When is The Rumble?

The Rumble will be held on August 18th & 19th, with the coaching clinics being held on the 17th and parent workshops being held over the weekend.

How do I sign my team up for The Rumble?

Registration will be available on The Rumble website. You may register & apply for The Rumble as soon as it is available on the site.

What does our registration include?

Registering for The Rumble will include player t-shirts, coaching clinics, as well as parent workshops!

How much does The Rumble cost?

For the Primer Division, there is a $75 team cost and then $15 per player. The Tournament Division there is a $100 team cost and then $50 per player.

Where is The Rumble?

The location for The Rumble is yet to be determined, as soon as we have more information we will update the website. We are aiming to host this event in the Highlands Ranch area.

How many days is The Rumble & how long is each day?

The Rumble is two days long. For the Primer Division, there will be two scrimmages on day one & one full game on day two. The Tournament Division consists of a single elimination tournament that spans two days. Each team in the Tournament Division is guaranteed two games.

What all is offered at The Rumble?

While your son or team is participating in The Rumble, we will have coaching clinics from current high school coaches in Colorado. We will also provide parent workshops which include Navigating the Recruiting Process & Performance Training.

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